ClickBle is a modular click system with which you can combine different materials such as tablex, plywood, wood, DM, methacrylate, polycarbonate, forex, etc… and achieve very varied structures such as boxes, podiums, showcases, urns, exhibitors, shop windows, counters…

Clickble unleashes Creativity, you set the limit.

  • click assembly system
    click assembly system

The ideal thing to work with Clickble is that all the panels that we are going to assemble are the same and have a square outline without any type of protrusion or tab; In this way, any panel can be placed in any position regardless of the order or direction, thus achieving a very agile assembly as if it were a Lego game.

But if what is needed is a completely closed structure where some edges rest on others, simply by adding some tabs to the panels we will achieve a completely closedand dustproof assembly.

  • click assembly system
    click assembly system


boxes, podiums, showcases, ballot boxes, exhibitors, shop windows, counters...

tablex, plywood, wood, methacrylate, polycarbonate, forex...

with Clickble everything is possible...

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