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In October 2022 ClickBle was presented for the first time at the EUROBRICO fair, in Valencia. Where he got the First Prize for Talent and Innovation INVERTOR'S PITCH Eurobrico 2022

What is ClickBle?

ClickBle is a new simple, fast and tool-less system for assembling panels by clicking.

This system has some connectors prepared so that with a little pressure and a simple click they allow you to enjoy different configurations in a matter of minutes.

Plywood, Laminates, Methacrylates, Polycarbonates, Forex… ClickaBle can work with different materials.

The continuous movement of modern life has changed our needs toward more versatile and reconfigurable furniture that adapts to our way of life.

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ClickBle is presented as a tool in search of more sustainable furniture that promotes Reuse and respect of nature.

That’s to say, whenever you want you can Reuse and Redesign structures totally different with those same pieces and achieve multiple configurations without giving up design.

What features does ClickBle bring?

Click system. Simple and fast

The current assembly system is usually slow and requires some kind of tool. Clickble allows an easy and fast assembly and disassembly thanks to its click system that saves a lot of time.

Versatile furniture

On the other hand, today’s furniture is often not very versatile and not reconfigurable at all. With Clickble you can reconfigure completely different structures in a few minutes, turn a small shelf into two bedside tables, in a coffee table or into an entryway table…

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Works with 3mm panels

Today's assemblies usually work with panels of a certain thickness, leaving a few millimeters behind. On the other hand, ClickBle works perfectly with panels from 3 millimeters.

Different types of connectors

ClickBle also has different types of connectors to expand its flexibility and configuration possibilities.

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Clickble unleashes Creativity, you set the limit.

About ClickBle

ClickBle seeks more versatile, more reconfigurable furniture that adapts to our way of life. Furniture with multiple uses.


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